Listen Gallery is a sound arts space and listening centre with step free access at 204 Hunter Street, Glasgow, Scotland.

Why sound?
The creator of Listen gallery is a Sound Artist and Care Worker.
Listen gallery was created with the philosophy that everything is made from sound vibrations. We can use certain frequencies to heal our mind and when activating our listening body we can reset the nervous system.

This space is created in hope to recalibrate the senses, refocusing on the power of the ears and elevate the activity of listening as a route to a new future, a new way of being.

We supports artists // creators // anyone playing with or interested in the medium of sound.
We offer sound art exhibition spaces, workshops, experimental sessions, 1-2-1 sound and light experiences.

A space where the invisible prevails over the visible.

Sundays 5-7pm is Open sound night
This is for anyone who would like to play with experimental noises and instruments. Please bring whatever you would like to resonate with (frequencies/synths/homemade instruments/experimental vocals/pedals/absolutely nothing, full PA sound system will be available. Each person gets a 10 minute slot then we all jam together for the last 30 mins. No previous sound experience is needed, just vibrational playfulness.

We host free sound awareness // listening workshop throughout the year to retrain and exercise the ears and the body to re-listen.

If you're an artist/creative practitioner wanting to use the space it is available for a pay what you can (even if that is nothing). This can be to test sound pieces within the space, use equipment, and create your sound exhibition to be open to the public.

If you're a carer or support worker please contact us to book a 1-2-1 session with your service user, where we create a tailored light and sound experience for them.

Please feel welcome to contact:
Instagram: @listengallery

The artist creates under various projects and pseudonyms: 275,000 volts, Cindy Islam, Hillah Småland, Tri-tech Solutions and Urban Feral, to name a few.
Most of the artists' body of work is situation based and unarchived but for the works that are, here is a small space for them to exist. A rendering of creativity as an instinctive response to existence,
the artist may form different names but creates from a unified set of beliefs:
creativity is a fundamental activity for all humans and nonhumans alike
the artist does not seek exposure
the artist is not interested in individual success
this creativity is seeded within decolonial thought
the artist wholeheartedly refuses cultural-assimilation
art lingers in the fuzziness where cultures overlap
art embodies the mergence between nature and artifice
art is absent of duality
art can and should forge a new (non)reality
the artist tries to create in opposition to the capitalist machine
the artist most definitely encourages anonymity
the artist wears all pronouns
the artist changes identity and gender daily like a costume
art always revels in the unknown.