The noise-pollution of the contemporary metropolis and its myth of success attempts to bury the vibrations of the Diasporas' history. Sounds to walk alone to, resurrects the harrowing sounds of colonialism, displacement and ancestral rhythms. Sounds to walk alone to, awakens the inherent vibrations of resistance, the fossilised noises of subversion, the resonant beats of protest - offering us an audible armour into unknown futures.

Content from BBC archive ( Featuring recordings from Jason Holiday, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and Windrush interviews. Production and edit by the artist.2018

If sound waves are ever present, then every noise that ever was lingers through time and space. All the acoustic scales of the universe have been heard and radiate within every nerve of our bodies. However, the dominant noises of capitalistic development and globalisation deafen us to the sounds of the past. .