as I contemplate I become less defined.

com tem plate
sim u late

the more I contemplate the more I become
I morph
I shape
I am animal
I am creature

I fly with its wings
I pounce with its feet
I swim on its back
I slither with its body
I see through its eyes
I smell through its nose
I feel through its thoughts

One and the Same.

The world becomes upside down
I no longer care what happens outside
the vehicles of society no longer function for me
the ambitions of captialism don't apply here.

Dreams are better than reality. Reality is an illusion.

They are threatened by me;
threatened that their conventions don't move me,
their successes don't appeal to me,
their system can't contain me.

The sound waves warm me
audible silence
a rock breathes
ocean tides move me
psalms and palms.

Desire nothing, you are all.

If I am everything and nothing
then call me feral
feral is where I rest
the sea runs through my veins
my arteries hold the depth of every water
every skin cell a sand dune
every bone a mountain
every hair a forest.

feral is where I rest.