council flat
the cells of our system
self inflicted imprisonment
a fundamental human right
brick, mortar, concrete and souls
stacked into the sky
our energies ripple through each floor
monolithic structures of quarantine
the megalopolis suffocates in its own myth of progress
masts radiate signals
interfering with every organic frequency
bouncing from one block to another
like a grid of electricity
as the earth goddess breathes life into all things
each block becomes a living organism
humans activate its nervous system
streaming the past up from the soil
through every layer of its structure
where is our temple of the sun.
where is the shrine of our gods.
hide all the cctv cameras staring at me
no one can ignore the resonance of surveillance
see the ghosts
feel the lost
watching us is what kills
the mysticism of these cities
urgent to burst through its capitalistic locks
bubbling under our concrete
cosmic reality bricked in darkness
trapped in the walls of our council flats
impeded by shops and offices
and buried again by over-development
it lingers
swimming through each drain
festering under each pavement
waiting for its moments of escape
haunted by the happenings of its past
germs in our hearts
endless victims throwing themselves off of Corbusier buildings