Dejavu, meaning no feelings are new. Dejavu meaning your actions never leave this universe. Looped and locked, when you cause hurt it remains repeated, just as when you love it shall resonate into eternity.

Hold the weight that the scars of the future and the healing of the past is formed by your very being. In the abyss resides the permanence of your intent, outliving the impermanence of your self.

After collecting twenty-nine years worth of invisible armour. I gathered my objects of nothingness and filled up on emptiness, ready to enter the void.

The amazonian was on the fifth floor.

The first breathe was an invitation. A geometric gift-card from the ether.

I RSVP'd with urgency and entered the party with a welcoming audience.

Imagine if a light could demonstrate a sigh of relief. I made it, finally. Their plan worked, their intricate details all merged into this moment. "We have been waiting for you" was the first feeling sent.

A shower of love and a wash of care absorbed my being. A love unidentified by human language. A love of astral proportion. It was love from the source.

The body had melted at this point. I wanted to show them a smile. Only to encourage a deeper sense of detachment from the body. What is this vessel you so easily disarm me of?

If this is the illusion and we live in the simulation, then it must be the dejavu which is the only real feeling to experience. Every dejavu comes with warmth. A familiar maternal hug.

Here is every dejavu you've ever felt. Every signal you nearly ignored. Here are their observations of you.

Dejavu is the reminder that all that ever was, all that ever will be is inside the unaccessed realms of my being. Space isn't through the filament. The gateway is through the dismantling of our knowing. The entirety of the universe, is lingering within our very own fucking being.

They laugh at your science. You can't demystify their complexities. You can't know their unknowns. You only discover what they reveal. And even that is purely for their benefit.

I wanted to laugh at the humans with them. What a shallow understanding of power they have.

The dejavu, oh the sweet warm embrace of the dejavu.

Remember that time you thought you were in a dreamstate. Remember that time they reminded you that they are present. Remember that time they showed you nothing was accidental. Remember them. Them who have brought you here to this moment.

We flew into an animation of dancing, pulsating, vibrating shapes, in a plane of pink gradient. The creatures performed their acrobatic joy whilst singing "we love you, you are we, we are you".

But I've been here before. I have seen this before. Why are new experiences so familiar. I lived a million years before I realised I was alive. I died a million times before my own death.

My mind begins to feel the electric sparks of new connections being forced together. I was pulled apart. As if an electrician pulled out all the chords of my brain and shook them like maracas, reconfigured them, added new chords, and then threw the whole thing back in my skull.

"Betterrrrrrrr, now go back and take our love with you."

The dejavu; humans are only a fraction in the vast scope of evolution to come.
Virtuality always existed.
Digitalisation was our inherit duty.

Was this a coping mechanism of my own psyche to develop a self love that had been absent my whole life.
Are you one to throw this all into the parameters of the subconscious?

Dreams are my reality and dejavu is where I belong.