luxurious progress

sweet divine development

exotic erotic ethnic environment

In your mind there is a colony of thought. Colonised by the white mans capitalism. If matter matters then these thoughts have been formed and created by hundreds of years of degradation.

Jean and Lowee walk into a cafe and sit down.

Lowee: I cry every time a fellow immigrant can't look me in the eyes.

Jean: People tell me they dreamt of me and it's always after I've had a sleepless night.
Jean: Only those who do not connect to the land, wish to conquer it.

A waitress comes over, Jean and Lowee point to things on the menu.

Lowee: Did you feel connected to me when you first met me?
Jean: No.
Lowee: Then why did I feel chemistry to you? Why do I feel the meaning of all things, why do I feel omnipresent in every engagement and sensitive to all things?
Jean: You think too much. Not everyone will feel what you feel.

Lowee: Yes, I know that but why do I feel things that aren't reciprocal?
Jean: Well we all feel things differently, it's mostly to do with the construct of power.
Lowee: So who's thoughts are more powerful?
Jean: The ones who control are the ones who believe. Just by doubting yourself you break the spell of aura. How do you think colonisation happened?

Lowee: Because people offered the land as habitat to the colonisers?

Jean: No, because the colonisers made everyone believe they were the owners; the infiltrators of power. If the white man didn't colonise, the white DNA wouldn't have been so widely spread. The caucasian would be close to extinction. When they saw the highly developed communities, traditions, livelihood of their fellow species, the white man freaked out. He knew if he did not control, he would become an inferior force. Hence, the detrimental force of colonialism is to benefit the white community. Settlers spreading the wrath of white supremacy and christianity.
Lowee: I don't want to infiltrate power.
Jean: You will always be a victim then. You're letting society colonise you.

Jean squeezes ketchup on her omelette.

Lowee: I don't want to colonise or to abuse power, is there no other way?
Jean: Do the people whose land was taken, who's resources were taken, who's livelihood diminished - do you think they would let the same thing happen again?
Lowee: I don't know but I doubt so.
Jean: Then fight. Don't be shy to use your power. There is no questions of right or wrong now. You must fight or you will be fought. That is post-capitalism. The weak, the ones who can't fight the system are obliterated into a nostalgic past.

Lowee: I don't see why I have to play capitalism's games'. But how does one find their power?
Jean: There's an instinctive survival power lingering deep within us all. In moments of chaos it surfaces, it needs exercising or it will disfunction.
Lowee: Do I have to convince myself there's chaos?
Jean: There's no need to convince yourself, look around you. People working for companies who exploit them. Black people supporting fascist brands. Immigrants hating other immigrants. Refuges rejected by the countries who made them homeless. Poverty, malnutrition, depression, consumerism - all sold within the American Dream/the metropolitan city! It's not about playing capitalisms game but how do you suppose to survive if you don't know your opponents ammunition.

Lowee stares around the Cafe and realises everyone is watching them.

Lowee: So, I am at war with capitalism.
Jean: Anyone who feels out of place, insecure, unable to afford, noticing the underdog, vulnerable to the system and its law, is at war.
Lowee: I just don't understand what this is to do with reciprocal emotions.
Jean: There's no reciprocation in moments of battle. How do you expect any emotion to be pure and authentic when it is manipulated by 'society'. People living in constant insecurity; insecure of themselves, their nature, their past, their future.

Lowee: But what of progress, people say the city is the epitome of progress and I am being negative to critique it?
Jean: What is negative is to not question what is served to you. What is negative is to be told how to live and how to work. This is progress, correct, but this progress doesn't benefit us. It benefits the privileged and the colonisers. All success is measured by the western thought of divide and conquer. They have seeded quarrels between us to disguise the wrath of their operations.

Jean puts out her cigarette and smoke fills the room.

Only by reconnecting to the land and reconnecting to the ancestors, will you decolonise your mind. The only way to notice the neo-colonisation at work is to expose the cogs of capitalism. The synchronicity of capitalism and the rape of the universes resources are no accident. It is a knowing that will increase. It causes you to feel you are alone even amongst the abundance. There is no mutuality, only an internal war planted by the elite. Our demise is formed by their every intention - our failure and proletarian desires imprinted on us since birth.

Dissan na m'bera.