When the facades of the urban landscape fuse into one surface, extending through the plane of future eyes - the vision of millions of grids, translates to millions of algorithms that generate millions of pounds. This coincidentally penetrates our ambitions, emotions, personality, sexuality and relationships. We are left to forage the city for the city for the remembrance of being.

There's an unkindness of ravens resting on the roof of a block of flats. Like black pillars they stand, rested as if they've found a space of comfort and safety. They come back to this chosen place everyday.

Why do we walk into a building and know immediately if we like it or not?
If a building is sick, what kind of sickness does a human take from it or inject into it?

What is the weight of space?

What if the building is trying to kill me.

It is plotting my downfall. I have cut off from my family. I don't relate to my friends. I am trapped in isolation. It's like no matter how much intent or drive I have to achieve anything, it's like a force is holding me back.

I walk around and I feel people's thoughts, I hear their ideas, I am connected to everything. You know I haven't been to university but I know so much. The building taught me so much too. But the knowledge it's given me isolates me from the outside world. It's opened ideas to me that other people would say are crazy.

I have been introduced to new waves of thought via living here. I walk down the street and see people - not just their physical form but all of them. Every bad thing they've thought, every one of their desires, their ambitions, their pains. All so loud and clear. I see and hear it all.

The frequency here is just so strong it's like a landfill of emotions. In certain African spiritualism evil is said to travel in straight lines - if so, London is a grid of evil flow.

Buildings are plugged into that grid and the evil of the land expands through the cityscape. Every building charged with the energy of the reminiscent lives.

Blocks of cells vibrating through space and time. Each cell containing a human vessel to express it's spirit.

These flats are living, breathing spiritual systems.

The space you inhabit, lives in your mind. If you are open, you will slowly see yourself morphing into the characters of those that led before you. You were never an original being. Everything you think has been thought. Everything you feel has been felt. Everything you see has been seen. Our life is a library of everything that ever was.